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Bírók 2017 Pápa CAC és Esterházy Memorial CAC

As a child I was surrounded by dogs as my parents have bred Hungarian Puli under the name of “Regeni kennel” since 1973. However, I did not maintain the family tradition in breeding Hungarian Puli and I purchased my first Airedale Terrier in the middle of the1980’s, a breed I admired whenever I caught sight of them at the dogshows of the 80’s. Thus, in 1988 I founded my own kennel under the name of “Nyaradmenti”. As years were passing Airedale Terriers were followed by Wirehaired Dachshunds beginning with 1989, and in 1990 I imported in Romania the first Welsh Terrier named Villamgyors Bella. Unfortunately at the beginning of the 90’s the quality of Airedale Terriers in our country was so low that even the imported males could not improvinge the breed. So in the middle of the 90’s I imported a few females from different bloodlines (Lutrahazi, van’t Asbroek, Aluzija, etc) and in 1999 also the famous male Am Ch Terrydale HK Shaireab Online as a new bloodline founder. While we still had to face some problems with the Airedales, the quality of the Welsh Terriers produced in my kennel was showing an ascending tendency towards modern lines. Big stars of the breed in that period were Nyaradmenti Caper, Nyaradmenti Gupi, Nyaradmenti Gina, Nyaradmenti Jill’s, Nyaradmenti Summertime, names that can be found in all the pedigrees of Welsh Terriers born in Romania. I kept a Wirehaired Dachshund as a family dog, that is why I had few litters but all of very good quality, marking the Dachshund breed in Romania. Here I’d like to mention Nyaradmenti Ibis Ribis, Nyaradmenti Idiot Icik (the father of the BOB in the European Dogshow Poznan). At present I breed miniature wirehaired dachshunds. At the beginning of 2000 we gathered our forces with the young kennel of Happytails. This co-operation lasted till 2008, and as a result at the above mentioned 3 breeds we obtained world quality dogs with positive echoes in dogshows in USA, Australia, Russia and Europe.

Since his childhood days, he was an enthusiastic dog owner and he started the career as a dog show judge in his youth.

Sandor Szabo is a successful breeder of Collie Rough and Bearded Collie, and also of Hungarian Vizsla. His kennel has produced many champions, among which a Collie ‘Juniors World Champion’ Sandor Szabo has presided over the Debrecen Kennel Club for many years and he is an expert in the F.C.I. groups 1, 3, 4 and 7.Sandor has been an enthusiastic dog person since his childhood, and he has judged dogs from quite an early age. There are countless Fenyoligeti Champions and a Junior World Winner Collie. He has been the president of the local MEOE organization in Debrecen for many years. He is an expert in FCI Groups 1, 3, 4. and 7.

kennel: Fenyőligeti Kennel

Town: Camden, NSW, Australia

We have been involved with breeding and exhibiting dogs (Boxers, Australian Silky Terriers and Miniature Poodles) all our lives and have been very successful in the showring. We only breed occasionally, and believe health, temperament and breed type are extremely important. Mark is an All Breeds dog judge and Dayna judges groups 1,2, 3, 5 & 7. WE ARE VERY PROUD TO BE ADVANCE AMBASSADORS AGAIN FOR 2015 Membership no:Blueprint Boxers 2000522780 Coifico Miniature Poodles 2100049440

Kennel: Blueprint boxers

PRESIDENT of Kennel Union of the Republic of Azerbaijan 2001, Member of the FCI Judges Commission. Finished Azerbaijan National Medical University, department of medical-biology. Graduated as medical biochemist. Together with his wife, they started breeding White West Highland and Cairn Terriers and they have had some success with these breeds. Since 1999 he has bred Dobermanns under his own kennel name “v. Feuer Stamm” and imported several successful dogs in Azerbaijan. For the last few years Mr Agabeyli has bred German Shepherds and has in his kennel both working and show line dogs. Mr Agabeyli has been judging since 2006 Parts of Groups 5, 6, 7 Group Specials 5, 6, 7

Simiu Calin started his career at an early age; he was only 16 when in 1979 he became a member of the Chinologic Association in his home town, Cluj Napoca. In that period, with passion and success he used to breed Fox and Welsh Terriers under the Wirehill affix. In 1989 he started breeding Wirehaired Standard Dachshunds, a breed he still owns today. Under Dachjager affix he has had many high quality generations. He is founding member of the Napoca Association, where he was president for a while. He also contributed to the foundation of the National Terrier and Teckel Club in Romania, where now he is vice-president in charge of organizing shows. Calin got his judging licence in 1997. In recent years he has been known as a journalist contributing to Dog Fancy magazine. Calin is qualified to judge all breeds in FCI Groups 3, 4, 7, 8 and 10, as well as some from Groups 1 and 2.

I was born in 1969 in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia, but I have been living in Budapest, Hungary since 2000. As for my profession I am a dentist, working in my dental clinic in Budapest as a specialist in Periodontology and oral medicine.
I have been an afghan hound owner since 1986 and from then very passionate about the beauty and character, speed and power of all sighthound breeds. Under the kennel name Ben Ben’s, FCI 2233 I have been breeding afghan hounds for 15 years and I have had 13 afghan hound litters.

20 years ago I discovered one very special breed – Sloughi, that I find perfect for me. Since then I have been active on dog shows as an exhibitor and on the Lure coursing as well with my Sloughies.

Since 1991 I have been a judge for all breeds in FCI group 10. During 1996 I was elected an international judge for all breeds in 5 FCI group. Later I made my exam for group 4, 7 and 8.
In 2003 I became a judge for Lure Coursing. In this year I am elected to be a member of Board of the Judges Committe in Hungary until 2022.

Till now I have judged dogs on CAC, CACIB, speciality shows and Lure courising in more than 30 countries in Europe, Australia, Asia and in North America. I established the dog magazine „Moj Pas”, first dog specialized magazine in Yugoslavia of which I was the chief editor in the first 4 years

Apart from my native Serbian language I speak Hungarian, German and English fluiently.

I was born in Eger in 1963. My father was the owner of one of the most prestigious private apiaries in the country for decades, winner of several honours in agriculture. My mother is a teacher, expert in tourism, head of a travel agency for many years. Both are great friends of animals, so it has not been a problem for me to live for my favourite pastime „dogs” since my childhood.

I took all steps which led to my commission honestly. I have bred several breeds, but I have always stuck to my original breed, the Fox Terrier under the prefix „Agria”. I got my first Fox Terrier from my parents in 1972. After the first lucky wins, I re-evaluated the possibilities of the population in Hungary, and started the real breeding with several imports. I did not have to wait for the success, Fox Terriers bred by me are respected all over the world today, there is no European or World Show without their outstanding results.

In addition to breeding and competing, I also joined the work of the Hungarian Kennel Club (Magyar Ebtenyésztők Országos Egyesülete – MEOE). I have been working as the president of the local organisation of MEOE in my own city Eger for several years. At the beginning of the 90s, I was asked to organize a national breed club. I was the president of the Hungária Terrier Club, one of the most influential club of MEOE for 16 years. I took the judges’ exam in conformation and working in my younger years. I have travelled around the world as a judge, exhibitors in more than 50 countries showed their dogs under my judging. I think it is a sign of recognition that I have been member of the conformation Judges’ Commettee of MEOE  for 16 years, the 4th period.

With my younger brother, Gábor Korózs, we envisaged and have been organizing the international show in Szilvásvárad, the most significant open-air show in Europe in every two years. I am married, father of two daughters and a son, my wife is Judit Korózs-Papp, also a breeder and judge of international fame. In June 2006 as an acknowlegement of my cynological work the national general assembly of MEOE elected me as the president of the Kennel Club and I’m still in that post in the 3rd period.

Kennel: http://www.agriakennel.hu/

My name is Marian Draganescu. I breed wire-haired dachshunds and together with my wife, Andreea, I own Of Karma’s Legacy kennel. Our canine activity began more than 10 years ago, when I got, from a good friend of mine, my first dog with pedigree, a Rough Collie male named Albano. Then, it came a long haired Saint Bernardshund and a Riesenschnauzer and it took some time until we’ve been completely conquered by the dachshunds, these little dogs with a lion heart that own an entire FCI group; as a sign of respect for the Riesenschnauzer we chose the bearded variety and in the spring of 2005, Karma appeared in our family, a wire-haired dachshund female brought from Daboczi Hunor, a breeder from Targu Mures who owned the Csillagkozi kennel. In short time, he became my friend and my adviser in dachshunds matters.

We’ve learned in that period of time as much as possible about the dachshund and we went to canine shows with Karma, having a lot of fullfilling results, so we decided to enlarge our “family”; that’s how we’ve got Figo, a wire-haired male brought from Portugal, from Da Quinta D’Abroeira Kennel owned by Mr. Pedro Delerue, the president of Portuguese Dachshund Kennel Club and a well-known international judge.

Kennel: http://www.karmaslegacy.com

Jugoszláviában, a Vajdaságban Péterrévén születtem.
Már gyermekkorom óta szeretem az állatokat főleg a kutyákat. A 80-as évek elejétől aktív kinológ lettem és a szentbernáthegyi fajta kutya tenyésztésével kezdtem foglalkozni. Von Der Borisev kennelem Európa és Világ győztes valamint több InterChampion címmel büszkélkedhet. 2004-től sikeresen a bírói pályára léptem és már 7 fajtacsoportot bírálok, legtöbbet természetesen
Szerbiában de a környező országokba is szívesen megyek bírálni. Egyik legnagyobb élményem 2016 nyarán volt mikor az Amerikai Egyesült Államokba (Atlanta) is felkértek bírálni egy klub kiállítás keretében. Céljaim
között szerepel természetesen egy-egy világversenyen való bírálat amit ha egészségem is enged remélem hamarosan bekövetkezik 🙂

He has been breeder and exhibitor- specialised in spanels- since 1972.
He got his FIRST judge licence in 1978.
Authorized to judge the following breeds ( by FCI):
FCI GROUP 1. Bobtail (OES,) Bearded Colllie, Border Collie, Collies, Sheltie,
Welsh Corgi Cardigan, Welsh Cogi Pembroke, Australian Sheeperd, Kelpie, Australian Cattledog, Belgian sheperds, Berger de Beauce, Bouvier des Ardennes, Bouvier des Flandres, Briard, Schipperke, White Swiss shepherd dog
FCI GROUP 2. Schnauzers and Pinchers
FCI GROUP 5. Chow-Chow
FCI GROUP 6. All the breed that belong here
FCI GROUP 7. All the breed that belong here
FCI GROUP 8. All the breed that belong here
FCI GROUP 9. All the breed that belong here
He is a specialist in the following breeds:
Collie, Schnauzers, FCI group 6, 7, 8 and Toy Molosers.
He has judged CAC, CACIB, and Championship-Shows in 50 countries, and several World and European Dog Shows and ISPU Show.
He was Chairman of the Hungaria Spaniel Club for 15 years.
He is the show-director of the International Dog Shows in Pécs for 30 years.
He is member of Presidency of the Hungarian Judges Board for long time.
Today he has Hungarian Vizslas and French Bulldog in his home.
He judges in English and German.

Kutyák iránti szeretetem gyermekkoromba nyúlik vissza. A kynológiai életbe 1984be , első újfoundlandimmal kapcsolódtam be. A kiállitások világa mindig is vonzott, így nem volt kérdés, hogy 1997ben magam is küllembíró lettem. A tenyésztést újfoundlandikkal kezdtem, McPotter’s Creek’s kennelnévvel. Számos győztes kutya tenyésztőjeként bronzkoszorús mestertenyésztője lettem a fajtának. 2007 óta foglalkozom mudikkal. Párommal közösen Mecseki Bundás és McPotter’s Creek’s kennelnéven együtt tenyésztünk. Sikereinket Világ és Európa győztes, Inter és Hungária Champion saját tenyésztésű mudik fémjelzik. A mudikkal nem csak a kiállításokon, hanem terelésben és obediencben is sikeresen szereplünk.  A tenyésztésben és küllembíróként egyaránt fontosnak tartom az adott fajta küllemi megjelenése mellett a kifogásatalan idegrendszert és a harmonikus, szabályos mozgást. Munkámmal elsődlegesen a magyar fajták széles körű megismertetését és megszerettetését szeretném elérni.